Housing Schemes
The following Schemes have been implemented by the Corporation
I Rural Permanent Housing
II Urban Permanent Housing
III Semi Permanent Rural Housing
IV Indira Awaas Yojana (IAY)
V Beedi Workers Housing
VI Fishermen Housing
VII Handloom & Weavers Housing
VIII Silk Weavers Housing
IX Cyclone and Flood Housing
X Cyclone housing under K.F.W Grant from the Germany
A person is eligible for selection as a beneficiary under Weaker Sections Housing Programme provided:
His/Her family income is up to Rs.55, 000/- in Rural areas and Rs.75,000/- in Urban areas.
Shall not possess any pucca house of his/her own or his/her spouse, and
He/She shall be ordinarily a married persons and independently living his/her family.
Unmarried males of 21 years aged and above and are living independently, males who are unmarried and living in Joint family but are of 21 years and above, and females/widows of considerable age and are not likely to be married/remarried and living independently are also eligible to be considered provided the orders are covered first.
This is a Government of India Scheme, with full subsidy component and it is without any loan burden to the beneficiaries. The selection of beneficiaries is made by the District Collector at the District level and the corporation is the Executing Agency.

Basically, the Programme is to provide housing stock for the people living below poverty line and for the under privileged groups of the society. As per the norms IAY, the following categories are eligible assistance.
I Free Bonded laborers.
II House-holds who are victims of atrocities.
III SC/ST house-holds headed by widows and un-married women.
IV House-holds affected by flood, fire, earthquake and similar natural calamities.
V Other SC/ST house holds.
VI Non SC/ST households.
VII Physically handicapped.
Families/Widows of personnel from defense services/Para-military forces, killed in action servicemen and retired members of the paramilitary forces.
IX Displaced persons on account of development projects, nomadic, semi-nomadic and denoted tribal and families with disabled members, subject to the conditions that these house-holds belong to below poverty line category.
X Other categories below the poverty line.


From the Year 2006-07, a prestigious program named as “INDIRMMA“ (Integrated Novel Development In Rural Areas & Urban Areas) was launched by the Government to make  Andhra Pradesh state as “ HUT FREE STATE”
In Addition to the Housing, (8) other developmental activities are included in INDIRAMMA program and they are:
  1. Pensions
  1. Drinking Water
  1. Roads
  1. Elementary Education
  1. Electricity
  1. ICDS
  1. Health
  1. Sanitation
Indiramma scheme was taken up in (3) Phases by covering 1/3rd area of every Mandal/Municipality starting from the year 2006-07.
Indiramma Phase – I ( 2006-07)
Indiramma Phase – II (2007-08)
Indiramma Phase – III (2008-09)
GO 171 Additional Houses (2010 -11)
Rachabanda – II (2011-12)
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